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Jeffery LaBelle Unplugged

Key Lesson Learned from My Father...

"Always put the clients interest first and you will always be able to be different and add value."

My Story

I learned firsthand regarding the investment management business through my father. Weekends were spent helping him in his Southfield Michigan office.

I remember as a young teenager helping him file paperwork and putting together proposals for large Trust companies. It was exciting and gave me a sense of what fiscal responsibility was all about. My dad strived to always put his clients interest first and I could see that. After graduating from Michigan State University in 1987, I immediately studied for three months and successfully passed my series 7 brokerage license.

He had the passion to drive for success by always putting his clients first, without compromise. His idea of success was different then the typical advisor, his goal… (read more)

Fishing...My Passion

When I was a young boy growing up in Michigan weekends were frequently spent renting a small boat fishing for bass. I absolutely love the tranquility of being on the water hunting for fish. Yet, in Michigan, “keepers” are hard to come by, usually we would catch small bluegills and simply let them go.